Beer Shampoo Benefits: A Wonder Potion For Your Hair

Are you losing too many strands a day? Are you tired of hiding your gray hair? Do you have fine hair and wish to add volume to your tresses? Are you tired of trying new hair care products and home remedies to pep up your hair?

Read our post till then end for all-in-one hair care solution – Beer!

Now, are you wondering what beer has to do with your hair care routine? Beer is long since been known as an alcoholic beverage. Whether you consume beer in moderation or booze quite frequently, we have a secret to unravel here. Beer acts like a wonder potion that makes your hair strong, soft and manageable.

Beauty brands are indulging to develop natural, chemical-free hair care products. Lately, they have started adding a secret ingredient that proves as a boon for your hair. BEER! Beer shampoos are a lot more beneficial than our traditional shampoos. Beer shampoos are trending – from high-end salon to your shower – it leaves its marks everywhere. This is because beer acts as a cleanser, conditioner, and hair growth promoter. It reduces frizz and adds shine to your hair. Let us take you through the various beer shampoo benefits below.

Beer Shampoo Benefits

Strengthens Your Hair

The protective layer of dead cells around the external surface of your hair is known as the cuticle. This cuticle might get damages over the period of time and with exposure to environmental stress like pollution, rain, and heat. Your hair might get further damaged due to hair styling treatments in the salon. These treatments are loaded with chemicals and dyes that do a lot of harm to the hair.

Give your hair a break from damaging techniques and try beer shampoo. Beer is obtained from the hop and barley malt which is rich in various vitamins and minerals that nourish and strengthen your hair. Beer is also abundant in protein which adds to the bulk of your hair. Proteins help in the repair of damaged hair. A mild beer shampoo will work well to nurture your locks as we all look for natural hair care remedies.

Vitamin B12 is known to nourish and promote hair growth. Beer contains high amounts of vitamin B12. It is made from hop, yeast, and malt that are rich in minerals like copper, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. These nutrients silently work to regulate blood circulation in the scalp and promote follicular hair growth. A beer shampoo or a simple rinse twice a week can reduce hair fall and regrow new hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

Don’t worry if you have flat or fine hair. Beer shampoo benefits just work wonders here. If you have to go out and want some glamorous locks, shampoo your hair with beer shampoo. The activated yeast in the beer helps in plumping up every strand of hair from the follicles. This increases the thickness and volume of your hair. Silica another mineral found in beer is known to add to the volume. With all minerals and anti-oxidants in beer, the shampoo becomes an all-in-one solution for promoting hair growth and bulk.

Get Bouncy Tresses

The alcohol content of the beer shampoo can do well for your hair. It is a better way to add bounce to your otherwise flattened locks. The alcohol increases blood circulation to your scalp area. This improves the strength of your hair and you get a gorgeously bouncy look. At least, you won’t regret using beer like those drunken moments after partying with friends.

Perfect Hair Texture

Shampoos containing beer have the same pH levels as that of your hair. It never lets your hair grow too dry or too oily. Plus the alcohol content is simultaneously improving your scalp health. What more can we say?

To look glamorous, beer shampoo is a must-have in your closet.

Adds Luster To Your Locks

If you have been dealing with dull and lifeless hair lately, you’ll be very happy to use beer shampoo. Beer shampoo benefits for adding shine to your hair can be related to its vitamin B content. Malt beer that’s rich in antioxidants adds a lustrous sheen to your locks. This makes hair reflect more light and gives you an attractive appeal.

If you have very dry hair you can try using a beer hair mask before you shampoo your hair. This works effectively and leaves your hair shiny in one wash.

Gently Cleanses Hair

Beer is a gentle cleansing agent. If you do not have a beer shampoo yet, head straight to the stores and buy a pack soon. Till then here is the trick – mix your favorite bubble beer with a mild shampoo, preferably paraben-free, and use this to clean your hair. Beer isn’t too hard on your hair. Its gentle cleansing action pulls out excess oil from the scalp giving you a grease-free look. This will gradually reduce your frequency of shampooing.

Gets Rid Of Dandruff

There are numerous home remedies and natural treatments you can use to get rid of those silly and annoying while flakes. But, beer makes an excellent choice as it is available in a ready to use form – the beer shampoo. It is the best trick if you don’t want the smell of real beer to linger for a while. The beer has a boost of nutrients that will help clear out dandruff.

You may use it with any anti-dandruff shampoo to better the results.

Acts As A Natural Conditioner

Beer shampoo benefits include its natural conditioning action. Beer closes the hair shafts and strengthens the cuticles. This helps in frizz control and detangles your hair. It is also known to reduce split ends. Now, there is no need to cut your dull and damaged hair frequently. All you need to do is buy the best in town beer shampoo and wash your hair regularly with it.

Hope the unbelievable beer shampoo benefits have sunk in well.

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